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Poll of the Day
What kind of grant do you need from the government?

Why must I download the application package?

Downloading a grant application package allows you to complete it offline and route it through your organization for review before submitting. Downloading the application package provides you the ability to complete the forms offline at your leisure and to distribute it around your organization to others who may assist you in preparing the application.

Instructions on how to open and use the forms in the package are on the application package cover sheet. Agency specific instructions are available for download when you download your application package, which will include required information for your submission.

Now that you have downloaded an application package, complete the grant application offline. Save changes to your application as you go, does NOT automatically save changes. The package cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed.

Though a lot of people think that applying for government grants is complicated, it's actually quite easy. The US government has created a website for individuals, businesses, schools, and other entities to use as a means of finding and applying for grants from a number of different government agencies. This website allows you to search for a multitude of grant opportunities and even lets you sign up for email alerts for when new grants become available.

The task of locating and applying for a small business grant is not for the faint at heart. Take an honest look at alternative sources first, such as loans, personal credit lines, friends and family. Many successful companies today were grown the old fashioned way...bootstrapping.