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What kind of grant do you need from the government?

Why must I download the application package?

Downloading a grant application package allows you to complete it offline and route it through your organization for review before submitting. Downloading the application package provides you the ability to complete the forms offline at your leisure and to distribute it around your organization to others who may assist you in preparing the application.

Instructions on how to open and use the forms in the package are on the application package cover sheet. Agency specific instructions are available for download when you download your application package, which will include required information for your submission.

Now that you have downloaded an application package, complete the grant application offline. Save changes to your application as you go, does NOT automatically save changes. The package cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed.

Though a lot of people think that applying for government grants is complicated, it's actually quite easy. The US government has created a website for individuals, businesses, schools, and other entities to use as a means of finding and applying for grants from a number of different government agencies. This website allows you to search for a multitude of grant opportunities and even lets you sign up for email alerts for when new grants become available.

The task of locating and applying for a small business grant is not for the faint at heart. Take an honest look at alternative sources first, such as loans, personal credit lines, friends and family. Many successful companies today were grown the old fashioned way...bootstrapping.


How Much Paperwork is involved in the Grant Process

Depending on the complexity of the grant and its requirements, the amounts of paperwork vary. Different grants have varying amounts of paperwork. To help you understand the entire grant application process, the first step is to get all the forms for a particular grant you are applying for.

Register and login to using your username and password. Download a grant application package and complete it offline. Agency-specific instructions are available for download when you download your application package. You will find instructions on how to open and use the forms in the package on the cover sheet. Save changes to your application as you go. The package cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed. After you’ve entered all the necessary information, checked your work for errors, and saved your application package, click the “Save & Submit” button on the cover page. Your application package will automatically be uploaded.

A confirmation screen will appear once your submission is complete. A tracking number will be provided at the bottom of the confirmation screen, as well as the official date and time of your submission. Take note of the tracking number and refer to it if you need to check the status your grant application.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Healthy Families Program


  • How do I know if my children are eligible for the Healthy Families Program?
  • Your children must fall under the following criteria:

  1. Between the ages of 0– 18 years of age up to their 19th birthday
  2. Be without Employer health insurance in the last three months
  3. Not eligible for or are not enrolled in no-cost Medi-Cal
  4. Must meet citizenship or immigration requirements
  5. Fall within the Healthy Families Guidelines
  • How soon after I apply will I know if my children are eligible?

Healthy Families will send you a letter within 10 business days after they receive your application.


  • What are some of the benefits (services) children can get from Healthy Families?
  1. Hospital care when it is medically necessary
  2. Care from doctors, including surgeons
  3. Prescription drugs
  4. Well Child services to prevent disease
  5. Family planning (birth control)
  6. Mental health care
  7. Alcohol and drug treatment service
  8. Physical, speech and occupational therapy
  9. Lab and X-ray services
  10. Dental Services
  11. Eye care
  • How much would my premiums be under The Healthy Families Program?

Members pay a premium (payment) each month depending on income levels. It can cost from $4 to $15 per child and no more than $45 for all Healthy Families eligible children in a family. Some services are free, though members may pay a co-payment (usually $5) when they go to the doctor and for other services.

  • How can I save money with The Healthy Families Program?

You can choose the Community Provider Plan. This plan offers the same services as the more expensive plans, but is less expensive. You may also save by paying premiums three months at a time, or by paying with electronic fund transfer.

  • Do I get to choose my children's health plan?
  • Yes, you may choose a health plan of your choice. Please note that the health plans available may vary depending on the county you live in.

  • How do I pick a health plan?
  • The plans are similar but not exactly the same. You may request information about the health plans available in your county.

  • What if my child doesn't qualify for The Healthy Families Program? Is there other health coverage I can get?
    • If your income is below the limit for Healthy Families, you may qualify for no-cost Medi-Cal. Healthy Families can send your application to the county office nearest you to find out if you qualify for Medi-Cal.
    • If your income is above the limit for Healthy Families, there may be other programs you can access
  • Does my child have to be a U.S. citizen to join Healthy Families?
    1. A U.S. citizen. or
    2. A United States citizen national (non U.S citizen), or
    3. A qualified immigrant (requirement for children only)
  • Children eligible for the Healthy Families Program must meet the following requirements:


  • I am self-employed. How do I show proof of income?

You can use your last Federal Tax Return (1040 form) and Schedule C or a Profit/Loss Statement.

  • What income does not count?

You can't count income from these sources:

    • SSI/SSP payments
    • Foster care payments
    • CalWORKS (AFDC replacement)
    • General Relief payments
    • Grants/scholarships used for school
    • Earnings from a job of a child under 14 years old or who attends school
    • Some government benefit payments
    • Loans
    • College work study payments
  • Please check with your local county welfare office for more detailed information.

  • What are the income requirements for eligibility?

Please refer to the table below:

  • Do children have to live in the same home as the applicant in order to enroll?

No, but only the income of the household biological parents is used to determine eligibility.

  • Do I have to stay in the same plan year after year?

No, once a year there is an Open Enrollment period.

  • What if I don't like the plan we are enrolled in? Can I switch plans?

Yes, you may change plans during the first three months after joining Healthy Families or during Open Enrollment.

  • What if I have a disagreement with The Healthy Families Program or my health plan?

You may appeal a decision asking for it to be reconsidered. The following are situations where an appeal would be appropriate:

    • Eligibility – when application for enrollment has been denied;
    • The date benefit coverage should start;
    • Disenrollment – being removed from the Healthy Families Program
  • The Healthy Families Program and your health plan have certain steps you must follow in order to appeal a decision.

  • Do I apply just once, or do I have to re-apply every year?

The Healthy Families Program will ask you to complete an Annual Eligibility Review form (AER) once a year. This is used to determine if your child is still eligible to continue under the program. If you meet the program requirements you will be able keep the coverage for another year until the next AER.

  • Can I sign up my newborn baby?

Yes, you may apply as early as three months before the baby is due



Home Energy Assistance Program

The Home Energy Assistance Program (or HEAP) is a federally funded program that provides heating benefits to households who cannot afford heating for their homes. To qualify for HEAP you must meet certain eligibility factors including a low income, debilitating medical condition, or emergency need for assistance

These are the HEAP benefits:

  1. Heating equipment repair and/or replacement (boilers, furnaces)
  2. Assistance to households with heat or heat-related emergency
  3. Heating fuel voucher (propane, oil, wood, natural gas, coal)
  4. Electricity bill payment or subsidy

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About the Healthy Families Program - Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Vision care, dental care, and comprehensive health coverage are among the low-cost health insurance benefits that your children will receive when you enroll them in the Healthy Families Program which is otherwise known as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP.

The bill for this program was sponsored by Senator Ted Kennedy in a partnership with Senator Orrin Hatch with support coming from the former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton during the Clinton administration. In 2007, after President Bush and Congress could not agree on CHIP reauthorization details, the program was extended through March 2009.  In February 2009, the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 was approved by Congress and signed by President Obama.

The Healthy Families Program is administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The program was designed with the intent to cover uninsured children in families with incomes that are modest but too high to qualify for Medicaid. $20 billion is allocated to States over a 10-year span. States receive an enhanced federal match (greater than the state's Medicaid match) to provide for this coverage.

The purpose of the program is to provide health care to children and teens from low-income families and individuals. Children who are enrolled in the program are eligible for any health care service that is covered and is deemed medically necessary. Pregnant women can also have certain services covered by the program. Proof of birth such as a hospital certificate of birth is to be sent in within the first 30 days after the birth of the baby. The health benefits include physician services, preventive care, prescription drugs, maternity as well as inpatient and outpatient hospital stays. Dental benefits include preventive care such as cleanings every six months and fillings when needed. Vision benefits include eye examinations and prescription glasses every 12 months.

Individuals and families who have children enrolled in the Healthy Families program will pay a small premium each month. The cost will vary depending on the size of the family, income levels and the type of health plan that was chosen. Premiums can range from $4-to-$17 for each child with a maximum limit of $51 for all children enrolled in the program. A co-payment of $5 is also required when services are rendered.

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