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What kind of grant do you need from the government?

How Much Paperwork is involved in the Grant Process

Depending on the complexity of the grant and its requirements, the amounts of paperwork vary. Different grants have varying amounts of paperwork. To help you understand the entire grant application process, the first step is to get all the forms for a particular grant you are applying for.

Register and login to using your username and password. Download a grant application package and complete it offline. Agency-specific instructions are available for download when you download your application package. You will find instructions on how to open and use the forms in the package on the cover sheet. Save changes to your application as you go. The package cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed. After you’ve entered all the necessary information, checked your work for errors, and saved your application package, click the “Save & Submit” button on the cover page. Your application package will automatically be uploaded.

A confirmation screen will appear once your submission is complete. A tracking number will be provided at the bottom of the confirmation screen, as well as the official date and time of your submission. Take note of the tracking number and refer to it if you need to check the status your grant application.